Connecticut River Museum Visits West Grade 2 Classes

On January 19th, the 2nd-grade students of West School were visited by the Connecticut River Museum to participate in an "in-school" field trip to learn more about the history of the Connecticut River and how these communities transformed into the ones we know today. 

Students were able to "meet" the people who have lived along the Connecticut River by learning more about their different jobs, communities, and experiences. Students also participated in hands-on activities to get a glimpse into their everyday lives and understand how the river affected them. 

Our grade 2 teachers reported: "Second graders explored the impact of humans on the Connecticut River from the time of the Native Americans though present day. They participated in hands-on activities to learn about the people and communities that used the river and transformed it into what it is today. They loved role playing to learn how communities transformed into cities and how groups such as farmers, industrialists and engineers changed the Connecticut River."

Thank you to the Connecticut River Museum for teaching our students about the history behind the area they live in!