Resolving Student Conflict with Dr. Susan Bliss

The West School PTC welcomed Dr. Susan Bliss to the Brown Bag Theater to discuss the results of our latest social climate survey and how we can use these results, alongside emotional intelligence skills, to help our students resolve conflict.  

During the event, Dr. Bliss shared the results from our most recent school climate survey and discussed how that data can interpret where we are with our West School goals. She also invited Principal Janet Murphy to join her to discuss their work in the field of Emotional Intelligence and how that work is integrated into everything they do. This is particularly the case when it comes to the well-being of our students since a strong emotional intelligence has been proven to help children develop new relationships and aid with long-term academic success.

One strategy, called "Talk It Out," is taught to students to address our West School goal to "...use conflict resolution strategies to resolve conflict". By using the "Talk It Out" worksheet (printable here), students can connect to the Meta-Moment model, navigate "sticky" situations with friends and ask Blueprint Questions to help understand past conflicts. 

Thank you to Dr. Susan Bliss and the West School PTC for organizing this informative meeting. To view the rest of the PowerPoint presentation, please click here