Dr. J Stuart Ablon, Ph. D.

Please join us on November 8th at the NCHS Auditorium to welcome guest speaker Dr. J. Stuart Ablon, Ph. D. as he discusses the increase in mental health and behavioral challenges seen by children and adolescents over the past decade.  He will be offering concrete strategies that can be used by parents to understand and manage challenging behavior in children and adolescents with compassion and empathy.

To support the social and emotional resilience of children, Dr. Ablon will speak on  "The Collaborative Problem Solving" model -  a revolutionary, evidence-based practice that acknowledges that challenging behaviors in children are not simply caused by from a child "being difficult".

The model approaches outbursts, including tantrums, pouting, oppositionality, and lack of engagement, amongst others, as a signal that the child has not learned the skills to appropriately respond to the expectations of adults.  Therefore, the CPS approach meets children and adolescents at their level and helps them build the skills to respond appropriately to demands and improve their behavior and relationships. 

Seats will be reserved at 7 pm in the NCHS Auditorium for his appearance. No registration is required to attend. For additional information, please contact Susan Bliss at susan.bliss@ncps-k12.org.