What Hat You Wearing Author Liz Barron & Marion Greenl Visit South School

On Monday, November 28th, all grade levels were treated to a read-a-loud by local author and parent Liz Barron who has a second and fourth grader here at South School and her co-author Marion Greenl.  

The book titled, What Hat Are You Wearing , is a picture book that integrates wonderfully with the work we do with the four primary tools of the RULER program but especially aligns with the Mood Meter, providing another avenue for the children to understand that all feelings are valid and that they have the power within themselves to change their feelings as they know that they do not want to live too long in the red or blue quadrants of the Mood Meter. 

 The students at all grade levels also had the opportunity to ask Mrs. Barron and Mrs. Green questions about the book and the process of writing and publishing a book. 

We thank Mrs. Barron and Mrs. Green for their time and willingness to share their skills with our school community!