Celebrating National Law Enforcement Day w/ NCHS HUB Program!

On January 9th,  Officers at the New Canaan High School and the New Canaan Police Department celebrated National Law Enforcement Day with hand-delivered treats presented by students of the HUB Program, a program that focuses on teaching functional academics, daily living activities, and vocational skills for students with special needs. 

Using their fine motor and sequencing skills, students of the HUB Program created a snack basket for beloved NCHS Police Officer, Officer Deak and the officers working for the district and town of New Canaan. 

Andrew Blackwell and Tyler Celiberti, 10th Grade Students at NCHS, joined Officer Deak in a personal police escort to the New Canaan Police Station. There, they handed out their treats to the officers on duty and even received a one-on-one tour of the police facilities, including a look at the holding cells and a ride on the police gator cart!

Thank you to Officer Deak and the hard-working officers of the New Canaan Police Station for everything they do!