Sharing the Valentine's Day Love  with Staying Put in New Canaan

On February 14th, West Kids Care students program dropped off dozens of handmade Valentines to Staying Put in New Canaan, an organization that provides at-home support and community engagement opportunities to senior citizens in New Canaan. The valentines were distributed to the homes of SPNC members to celebrate the holiday of love and were received with excitement and heartfelt appreciation. 

According to Gina Blum, Executive Director at Staying Put in New Canaan, many seniors wrote to the program to thank the students for thinking of them on this memorable holiday. 

In one particularly touching response, Gina shares, "I remember sitting at my desk at Center School (1946? 1947?) making Valentines for 'old people' - yes old people - I couldn't imagine what being old was! And here I am, one of the 'old people,' back in New Canaan and on the receiving end of a Valentine from a 2nd? grader. It's quite amazing, quite touching."

Another senior exclaimed, "At 88 and without any immediate family around, it's so nice to have a very special Valentine - absolutely precious, it means the world to me." 

Students have been working hard over the last few weeks to craft the special Valentines and even enlisted Mrs. Caracuel, the West School Spanish teacher, to help translate some into Spanish!

Thank you to Mrs. Creutz and Mrs. Caracuel for collaborating with Staying Put New Canaan to make this year's Valentine's Day all the more special! 

For more information on Staying Put in New Canaan, please visit their website at or by calling 203-966-7762.