What is the review process for PRAC credit?

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Course Review Process and Timeline

It is vital that both instructors and teachers taking PRAC courses realize that the course itself involves a timeframe longer than simply the length of instruction. It extends to application in the classroom and presentation of findings. In terms of both course design by instructors and awarding of credit to teachers, the process spans the better part of a calendar year. Credit will not be awarded to teachers until the following school year, when their learning has been applied in the actual classroom, reflected upon, and their findings presented. This necessarily delays the awarding of credit until well into the school year following the taking of the course:

Ongoing - Review Process undertaken by committee consisting of Gary Kass, Jill Correnty, Rob Miller (where applicable), and a PD Team Representative. The committee sits in order to review and approve course design and affirm course instructors’ decisions regarding the awarding of credit.