What is Prac?

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Did you know there is a way to earn graduate school credit toward salary advancement without being enrolled in a graduate school program for free? Our contract provides for New Canaan teachers to earn PRAC credits-graduate credits toward advancement on the pay scale from NCPS district. PRAC stands for Professionally Related Activities Credit. District courses, such as the ones listed on this webpage, have been organized by district personnel for certified staff members. These courses require class attendance, completion of a final product, the application of that product in your classroom, reflection on its implementation, and sharing of your new learning. Once the process is reviewed, a determination will be made as to whether credit is awarded. Each course awards 3 credits.Please note there is a maximum of 15 PRAC credits that may be applied toward advancement on the salary scale. PRAC credits are not transferable to graduate school. For more information on PRAC credit, consult your contract or Steve Swerdlick’s office.