How to handle a great teacher

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-Overview of problem


-Setting up/inviting people

-Launching meeting

-Having the meeting






Ease of scheduling of meeting

Invitation formatting

Maintains existing and scheduled meetings

Only requires one monitor, better relative to collab

All browsers and mobile support w/o app

Less liability by using product outside of product line

  • Both programs have strengths
  • Both programs have weaknesses
  • Decision can only be made after examining both in depth
  • What do we want currently?




Spontaneous/instant meetings

No plugin barrier, only java

Sizable resolutions, but “inferior product to attendees” due to tunnel of death

Can mute end users



àBB: intuitive controls and simple rollout paired with more customer interaction. Not to mention cost factors and synergies

 à Goto: Polish issues relating to audio, visual, optimization and connectivity on BB’s end mean that goto is simply a more refined customer experience


Conclusion: Only w/refinements and testing will a recommendation