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South Students Organize Holiday Donation Service Project

South Students Organize Holiday Donation Service Project

Red Wagon Girls to the Rescue South 3rd Grade Teacher Bobby Rushton, with Lily Schlafman,
Riley Schlafman, Haley Schlafman, and mom Julie Schlafman (left-right).


This holiday season, South Elementary School’s 3rd grade teachers teamed up with the Red Wagon Girls - South 3rd graders Riley and Haley Schlafman, and their younger sister Lily, who is in kindergarten at South - with help from their mom, Julie Schlafman, for its local service project.


A flyer asking for donations was sent home to all 3rd graders, and the collection and drop off took place just before the holiday break. This service project benefits the families who reside in the School House Apartments in town. These donations help supplement the residents daily living needs, and we send a special ‘thank you’ to the Schlafman family.”


The Red Wagon Girls got their name from the social worker at Schoolhouse Apartments, Peggy Faughnan, because the girls are always out in the neighborhood with their Red Flyer Wagons collecting items to help out the schoolhouse apartments,” explained South 3rd grade teacher Bobby Rushton.


South School principal Joanne Rocco added: “Haley and Riley are very special students at South, always looking for opportunities to help others through fundraisers they initiate in their neighborhood. So far, with the help of younger sister Lily, they have donated gift cards to needy families through our social worker, given a donation to the Make a Wish Foundation, and organized this service project for the School House apartments.”


“This family, the girls especially, are always looking to take on projects,” said Mr. Rushton, who helped coordinate the delivery of the holiday gifts. “It is a terrific way to teach kids how to be caring and compassionate to others.”


The Red Wagon Girls are also collecting items for an upcoming Bingo event for the residents at School House Apartments on January 24 (3:30 p.m. to 5:15 p.m.), and their collections will be the Bingo prizes.