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Model UN Team Wins Prestigious Award

Model UN students

 November 22-24, 2019 the Model UN team visited William and Mary for their 33rd annuual conference. 

This year, nine of our delegates were recognized with individual awards for their diplomatic skills:


Verbal Commendation

Chris Richardson representing Mahmoud Vaezi, Chief of Staff in the JCC- Iran

Izzy Carpenter representing Hermione Granger in the Ministry of Magic

Cece Peter and Anna Grymaki representing Croatia In UNICEF

Kiera Mastey and Sarah Wells representing Jordan in the UNEA


Model UN Students at William and Mary Honorable Mention

Aidan Smith representing Percy Weasley in the Ministry of Magic

Ashley Ruth representing Leslie Groves in the Manhattan Project


Best Delegate

Thomas Suthons representing Deng Xiaoping in the Hand over of Hong Kong


In addition to these individual awards, New Canaan High School was honored with the highest delegation award given at William and Mary’s conference. Below is a small portion of the speech from the Secretary General describing the award.


“Unlike our delegation awards, the Coon Award is not at all presented based on the number of commendations won by individual delegates. Rather, it is presented each year to the school that best carries Michael’s legacy and represents the William and Mary way - placing a high value on preparation, knowledge, learning, excellence, and above all else, diplomacy.

This year, I have the privilege of presenting WMHSMUN’s highest honor, the Michael Charles Coon Award for Best Representation and Diplomacy to New Canaan High School.”


Please join us in congratulating our students and their advisors for their impressive achievements. We would also like to thank our student run executive board for all of their work in preparing all of our delegates for our conferences.


Marianne Cohen, co-advisor
Allison Freeman, co-advisor
Emily Hernberg, co-advisor
Paul Phillips, Head Advisor