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Testing Proposal Modified

Statement of Belief

New Canaan High School is committed to providing a healthy, supportive, and positive learning environment in which students can be active participants in their education. Because we recognize that multiple tests in one day can heighten stress and prevent students from performing at their best, we are dedicated to partnering as a school community to reduce the occurrence of multiple in-class summative assessments in a single day.


Testing Proposal: ‘Leniency Request’

We encourage self-advocacy as well as open, timely, and respectful communication between teachers and students.


Teachers will provide sufficient notification prior to tests and whenever possible avoid unnecessary changes to the testing schedule. In order to give students sufficient time for planning and preparation, tests should be announced no less than five days in advance.


Students who have three or more tests scheduled in a day may request a test to be moved. This should be done at least three school days in advance of the announced testing. For instance, if the conflict will occur on Friday, the student must request the rescheduling by the previous Tuesday. Requests for rescheduling must be made in person; sending a request via email does not replace direct communication between student and teacher.


Teachers will make every effort to consider requests made in a timely and honest manner. However, rescheduling will be at the discretion and flexibility of the teachers, and ultimately teachers reserve the right to deny a request to reschedule an exam. For certain types of assessments, teachers may also ask to see work in progress (such as outlines or completed review sheets) to demonstrate that students have made appropriate efforts to manage the time afforded by advance notification.