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Home Work!

Distance Learning's Day one in the NCPS District

New Canaan Public Schools' E-Leaning program is getting high marks in its first day! Students and families worked together with school faculty and staff, and lessons successfully took place remotely. As these photos from Day One demonstrate, learning can take place anywhere. Challenges can become opportunities - and there can even be some fun involved.


ELearning ELearning3  

ELearning4 E-Learning5


Top, Left: Wearing a tie to Distant Learning Day one.

Top, Center: Kindergarten  student's list of rule for Elearning! His daily schedule "In his hands." 

Top, Right: Grade One student showing her established work place at home.

Far left: This is Solomon doing "Circle" with his stuffed animals. He will do this first every day. Explaining kindergarten rules to his family, "Sit still" was the big command.

Left: Working together.



In a letter sent to the NCPS community yesterday, March 12, 2020,  discussing the Distance Learning process, NCPS Superintendent of Schools Dr. Bryan Luizzi and Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction Dr. Jill Correnty noted: "As we begin our first distance learning (e-learning) day tomorrow, please know that our entire team stands ready to help in whatever way possible to ensure it is an enjoyable and productive experience.  We are all in this together – and there’s nobody we’d rather be in this with!"