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What's Happening @ East? November 12, 2020

November 12, 2020

Dear Parent(s) or Guardian:

Thank you to all of our East families for their participation in our East Community Service Project to benefit the American Heart Association. We loved seeing all of the Kids Heart Jump Rope Obstacle Courses! We hope that the heart tips and healthy challenges will continue to build healthy habits for our students throughout the year. A special thank you to Mr. Sangalli for his energy, enthusiasm, and support for this project!

We also hope all of our families took time yesterday to view the Veterans Day presentation to honor those in our East community who have served or are currently serving our country as members of the Armed Forces. The link will continue to be available on the East website ( for the next several weeks. Thank you to Mr. Mcleod, Mrs. McMullen, Mr. Zhou, Mrs. Aponte, and our East PTC for making this virtual celebration possible.


What’s Happening in Science?

Ms. Nori, East School science teacher, has been moving her science cart in and out of classrooms with materials for students to undertake science inquiry in each lesson. 

Grade 4 is learning about energy and we have been focusing on what comprises a circuit and how to build different types. Students began with virtual circuitry using the Gizmos online simulation. Next, they explored making actual circuits with batteries, wires, and lights. They had to figure out how to create open and closed circuits using switches, parallel circuits, and series circuits and were challenged to add a buzzer and a fan. We are getting ready to take our knowledge of circuit building to the next level with light-up cards and Chibitronics paper circuits!

Grade 3 is investigating the invisible forces of gravity and magnetism. They designed a way to move a marble across their desk without touching it, they explored the power of magnetic attraction and repulsion, and we are just beginning to investigate changing variables in an experiment with "twirly birds"!


Grade 4: Investigating Energy

Grade 3: Investigating Forces

East School Pizza Night!

Thanks to our PTC, the traditional 4th Grade Pasta Night has been transformed into Pizza and Game Night, on Friday, November 20, 2020! Pizza kits are provided by Joe's Pizza.  All proceeds will fund 4th Grade year-end celebrations.  Click HERE for a full flyer with more details! All East families across the grades are invited to participate!

Order your kit by November 17th OR you can mention East when ordering off the menu at Joe's and 10% of those proceeds will benefit East!  

Gentle Reminders 

  • Please note that, as stated in Dr. Luizzi’s most recent update (November 11, 2020), cloth masks are now required in the schools; neck gaiters are no longer acceptable as a student’s face covering in school. Thank you for your cooperation as we continue to work hard to maintain our mitigation strategies to allow for in-person learning.

  • Please note that travel to states that are listed on the CT Travel Advisory list will require a 14-day quarantine period or a negative COVID test result following return to Connecticut. 

  • Our morning drop-off line has been moving along more and more efficiently and we appreciate your cooperation in ensuring students have their masks on and are ready to exit when your car pulls up to the drop off platform. Please arrive by 9:00AM as we work to ensure that all students can be heading into the building by 9:05AM (we will continue to move that line along as efficiently as possible). We know that some days the line is lengthy, but we are noticing more cars pulling into the parking lot at 9:05-9:10AM or even later to avoid the line, but this results in students arriving late to their classroom.

  • Please note that early pick-ups are permitted only for emergency situations and should not be recurring. This allows us to minimize disruption to instructional time and supports the structures for health and safety that we have in place in the building for all.

  • To address questions regarding the criteria for students to return to school following illness, please refer to Addendum 5 provided on the NCPS Charting Our Course website (page 2 of the Addendum presents a chart for reference). 

  • If a technology issue arises for your child, please send an email to the district technology support staff using the email address: . Classroom teachers are teaching throughout the day and are not able to respond to emails in the moment to troubleshoot technology issues. 

Upcoming Dates

Wednesday, November 18, 2020       Early Release (12:05PM)

Friday, November 20, 2020     East Pizza Night and Grade 4 Game Show!

Wednesday, November 25, 2020      Early Release (12:05PM) 

Thursday, November 26 - Sunday, November 29, 2020     No School - Thanksgiving Break 

December 1 - 4, 2020 (Tuesday-Friday)      Early Release (12:05PM daily) - Parent Conferences

Thank you for your ongoing support and cooperation,

Kristine Woleck
East School Principal

Maura Fruin
East School Assistant Principal

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