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What's Happening @ East, 9-24-20

September 24, 2020

Dear Parent(s) or Guardian:

It has been a terrific (and busy!) week as we welcomed all of our in-person K-2 students to East on Monday and then all of our in-person Grades 3-4 students today. Our students have continued to follow the procedures and mitigation strategies (masks, social distancing, handwashing) that were taught in the hybrid cohorts.

Click on the video below (or HERE) for some “scenes” from this week at East!

Please Read:

Thank you for your attention to a few matters below that continue to be critical as we work together throughout the year:

About Early Pick-ups

As communicated previously, early pick-ups (ie. 2:30, 3:00, 3:20, etc.) are not permitted except for an emergency situation. Early pick-ups are permitted ONLY for emergencies. 

Early pickups are NOT able to be accommodated for the following:

  • Extending a vacation or a long weekend

  • Traveling to a sporting event

  • Going to an extracurricular activity

We know families are navigating many schedules, but these protocols are necessary to ensure that our staff can safely prepare for and structure dismissal in our buildings each day and maintain consistency in instruction. We appreciate your flexibility and attention to these procedures.

About Arrival / Dismissal:

  • At arrival, please have your child’s mask on prior to pulling up to the entrance platform where cars unload and please ensure that your child is ready to exit the car (backpack close by, etc.). This will allow us to unload cars promptly and continue the flow of traffic. If your child does not have on his/her mask, we will ask that they promptly exit the car and put the mask on along the platform before coming into the building.

  • At dismissal, please have your child buckle promptly so cars can exit. If you do need to assist your child in buckling, please move forward with the other cars and pull over to the right side curb cut-out to assist your child so other cars in the line can proceed.  

  • Family name cards posted high up on the window are most visible to our staff. 

About Remote Learning:

  • A remote learner must sign on at the start of the school day (9:05AM) and remain online for the full day in order to be marked present for the day for attendance. This is based on State attendance guidelines. 

  • If a technology issue arises for your child, please send an email to the district technology support staff using the email address: . Classroom teachers are teaching throughout the day and are not able to respond to emails in the moment to troubleshoot technology issues. 

  • Given that a transition to remote learning may be necessary on short notice for a student, family, or class based on quarantine requirements, students will bring home devices and some core learning materials each day in their backpacks across the elementary schools in the district. 

  • As Dr. Luizzi noted earlier this year, please understand that remote learning will not necessarily replicate in-person teaching in every way. Teachers are adjusting lessons to the extent possible, but there may be some experiences that cannot be replicated online. There may also be times when a teacher needs to adjust mid-lesson and may not immediately have materials available electronically in those cases.

Your patience and understanding throughout this process is appreciated. 

Upcoming Dates

Monday, September 28, 2020                 No School - Yom Kippur

Wednesday, September 30, 2020           Early Release (12:05PM)

Thanks again for your partnership and support,


Kristine Woleck
East School Principal

Maura Fruin
East School Assistant Principal

Phone | 203-594-4200 • Office Hours | 8:00am - 4:00pm