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See you soon!

Dear East Students in Grades 1-4,

We are all excited to be back at East School! 

There are new ways that we will take care of ourselves and others this year to be sure that we do everything we can to keep everyone at East healthy. 

  • Please be sure to wear your mask to school every day.
  • When you arrive by bus or parent drop-off, you will see color paths on the floors to help you find your way to your classroom. Here are the color codes for your grade:

First Grade - Yellow

Second Grade - Red

Third Grade - Blue

Fourth Grade - Green

(Kindergarteners have class colors and will also have a special path of their own to follow.)

  • You will see East Eagle Social Distancing Circles in our hallways and lunch line to help you know how far apart to stay when walking in the halls. Be sure to keep enough space between you and others.

social distancing marker

Click HERE to see some photos of these tools that will help you when you arrive at East this week! 

See you soon!

Mrs. Woleck


Phone | 203-594-4200 • Office Hours | 8:00am - 4:00pm