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East School Climate Update

East School Climate Update 2018


East School Climate At East School, the behavior expectations matrix articulates for students what it means to “Work Hard and Be Kind” across the multiple settings that students navigate each day, from the classroom to the hallway, from the cafeteria to the bus. Each Monday, school-wide Morning Meetings are held in classrooms; during these times, each adult in the school (special area teachers, nurse, custodian, etc.) is partnered with a classroom. The school-wide Monday Morning Meeting time is used for explicit teaching and modeling of our behavior expectations, practice of social skills through scenarios or skits, and community-building activities to build relationships and connections. Teachers also embed choice, decision-making, goal setting, and reflection into academic times throughout the day to ensure that students are developing habits of mind that foster learning and growth aligned to the district SAPL Framework.


We also have a building-based School Climate Committee that meets throughout the year to lead the work related to school climate. Members of the East School Climate Committee include administrators, school psychologists, social worker, classroom teachers, specialists, special education teachers, and a parent. This year, the East School Climate Committee has examined strategies to support student behavior and self-regulation at lunch and on the bus. The committee also collaborated with our literacy staff to organize our One Good Book initiative that brought to East families the opportunity to read together a piece of children’s literature with a theme of self-advocacy and courage when faced with the mean behavior of others.


Other experiences in support of school climate are integrated into the year through the collaboration of staff and our East PTC. Each November, grade-level teams adopt community service projects that engage our students in acts of kindness and generosity while building their awareness of the impact they can have in their community. This year, these service projects included decorating placemats for meals at the Waveny Care Center, making blankets for pets at a local animal shelter, painting Kindness Rocks to distribute around New Canaan, and collecting items for area shelters. Our Kids Care program meets before school on a monthly basis and engages students across the grades in community service projects, including a luncheon they hosted as a “thank you” for our secretarial, custodial, and cafeteria staff. Through these experiences, East students develop a sense of activism as they apply their skills, understandings, and passions to make our world a better place.


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