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January 30, 2017

Dear Families,

Hope you have enjoyed the final week of January – hard to believe we are already heading into a new month of 2017!

image of students on map Grade 4 Africa Enrichment

This past week and next, our fourth graders are expanding their study of Africa in our social studies curriculum through an experience with a “giant” Africa floor map from National Geographic. The map covers one-half of the East gym floor and provides the setting for students to apply their growing knowledge of geography in Africa and “see” the impact that geography has had on the development of culture and communities. In one activity, for example, placing cones on major cities on the map made visible the clustering of these cities around water sources - lakes, rivers, and oceans. image of student on map This exciting teaching and learning resource was possible thanks to the East PTC enrichment program. What a fabulous experience – thank you!


Safety in the New Canaan Public Schools

Throughout the year, a variety of safety drills are practiced with staff and students to ensure that we are developing understandings of the responses that will be most effective in a given situation. We have communicated regarding lockdown drills that are undertaken in the school and fire drills are also conducted throughout the year. In addition, we practice weather drills to practice responses to such scenarios as tornado warnings, other weather-related emergencies, and power outages. In all of these drills, teachers are mindful of the developmental levels of students and emphasize that what is most important in any safety situation is to listen to the adult for directions.

A critical component of our safety and security measures across the New Canaan Public Schools is the check-in of visitors with photo identification at the campus monitor desk at each school. With that in mind, we ask for your cooperation in arriving with photo identification any time you are visiting or volunteering at schools in the district. Also, please wear the visitor badge given to you by the campus monitor throughout your time in the building. This allows all students and staff to know that you are a welcomed visitor at our school.

Coming Next!

We hope to see all of you at our STEM Night this Wednesday, February 1st, 5:30-7:00PM and then on Saturday, February 4th, 10AM-noon, for the annual East School Science Fair! Lots of great thinking happening!

Have a good week,