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Senior Scholarship Information


The Sapienza Scholarship Fund was established in 2006 through a bequest to the Foundation from the Estate of Anne and Anthony Sapienza. The fund supports individual scholarship awards to benefit students who reside in New Canaan and need financial assistance to continue their education.

Eligibility requirements are as follows:

  • New Canaan residency
  • Demonstrated need for financial assistance
  • GPA of 2.5 or higher (Not applicable to HS seniors)
  • Attending a not-for-profit school or educational organization

Although we have limited funds to award each year, every little bit makes a difference to a family with financial need trying to pay for a college education.

Please note that students must request a transcript from the Registrar (Mrs. Granite) for the Sapienza Scholarship by 5/02/22.

Deadline is May 6th 2022



The New Canaan High School Scholarship: 

Deadline to apply is May 6th 2022
New Canaan High School Scholarship Application

This scholarship requires the filing of a FAFSA form ( as part of the application process. The NCHS Scholarship also requires that a CSS PROFILE form (using Code 7929) be completed. Please go to 


The Exchange Club of New Canaan Scholarship

Deadline to apply is May 6th 2022
Exchange Club Application

Students must complete the CSS Profile for this scholarship using the Code 7929 (this is the NCHS Scholarship Foundation code). If you have already applied for the NCHS Scholarship, you do not need to submit the CSS Profile again.

 Please note that community service is an integral part of the application for this scholarship.

 Each grant is based upon financial need, maintaining a B average or its equivalent, and the satisfactory completion of yearly program requirements. 

Kiwanis of New Canaan

The Harold S. Kenny Scholarship is a one-time grant in aid, presented annually to an outstanding 
New Canaan High School (NCHS) senior.  Selected from all the applicants, the grant winner shall be 
a student who has continually shown the following characteristics:

•     Has demonstrated consistent ACADEMIC EFFORT throughout his/her NCHS career.

•     Has been actively involved in COMMUNITY and VOLUNTEER SERVICE to others.

•     Has demonstrated CHARACTER, RESPONSIBILITY and CONSIDERATION  for others in daily life.

•     Has financial needs.

Kiwanis Application


Other Scholarships
Please go to your Naviance account and look for other scholarship opportunities by clicking on the Colleges tab, then click on Scholarship list.