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Doorbells Will Ring on Scholarship Sunday, April 19

Some of the members that brought Zombayy to NCHS for Scholarship Sunday
Some of the creative minds that brought Zombayy to NCHS.

If you live in New Canaan, expect your doorbell to ring this Sunday afternoon. Why? Because the annual New Canaan High School Scholarship Drive kicks off at noon. Scholarship Sunday is a one-afternoon, once-a-year fundraising tradition in town. From noon to 4:00 p.m. organized teams of freshman, sophomore, junior and senior volunteers will wear Scholarship Drive t-shirts and travel door-to-door asking their neighbors to contribute to the NCHS Scholarship Foundation. 

Established in 1967, “The New Canaan High School Scholarship Foundation represents a broad-based community effort to provide financial aid for New Canaan High School graduates who are pursuing higher education at the undergraduate level. The Foundation currently makes awards annually to students who are enrolled in a variety of four year, two year and technical programs. 

“The bulk of the Foundation’s funding is provided by gifts from local individuals, service clubs, businesses, corporations and memorial contributions. High School students actively participate in an annual door to door drive. 

“Organizationally, the Foundation has a Board of Directors chaired by the High School Principal. The Board sets overall policy and guides the work of the two standing committees: Finance, which oversees fundraising; and Grant and Aid, which determines the actual awards. Foundation membership includes teachers, Board of Education members, parents and residents of the community at large. As such it is a strong community effort. 

“Students are eligible to receive aid for a maximum of four undergraduate years. The first two years, awards are 100% grant and the last two years they are 50% grant and 50% loan. Loan repayments are interest free and will be made beginning one month after graduation and will continue until said sum is fully paid. Payments will be made in such amount that all payment will be completed within five years.” (learn more at New Canaan High School Scholarship Foundation).

A more recent tradition at New Canaan High School is the informational and inspirational Scholarship Drive Assembly held on the Friday prior to Scholarship Sunday. In the past few years the assembly has taken on the air of a premiere event as students and staff eagerly await the release of the newest Scholarship Sunday “instructional” music video created, produced, and featuring NCHS staff and students. This year’s thrilling zombie inspired how-to video can be accessed at Zombay 2015 NCHS Scholarship Sunday Music Video.