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Earth Day celebrated with programs and special projects

Earth Day Celebrated District-Wide
with Programs and Special Projects


In these days of zoom meetings and virtual chats, it’s nice to know you don’t need an email invitation to enjoy nature. Just go outdoors, take a deep breath of fresh air, and you’re there. And that’s what makes this year’s celebration of Earth Day all that more special. The annual event, which had its 50th birthday last month, was recognized throughout the district with special programs and events celebrating the world’s global environment.


NCHS Earth Day

New Canaan High School began the day with juniors Madison Grenauer and Imogen Smith (pictured on right, left-right) giving an Earth Day Celebration report during Principal Bill Egan's daily morning message. The two are also working with administrators on a recycling program which they hope to implement in the coming school year. 

The high school’s AP Environmental Science classes, taught by Tim Haag and Michael LeDuc, created Public Service Announcements about an environmental topic in which they were interested. The PSA’s were posted on the NCHS Courant website, with assistance from Mike McAteer, NCHS Courant advisor, and are available to view by clicking the following link: 


Earth Day Poster: Saxe Middle School

At Saxe Middle School, one of the many Earth Day activities involved the 8th Grade Challenge Students taught by Jean Caffrey, who had a poster making contest. The students were asked to design a poster that could be used in the elementary schools to showcase what children can do every day to help conserve resources and protect the environment. The theme was: Make Every Day Earth Day (Pictured on left: poster by Saxe 8th grader Griffin Bramwit).



The elementary schools’ Earth Day activities included having Earth Day embedded into their math, reading, writing, and social studies.

South School Earth Day At South Elementary School, second graders spent a week learning about what they could do to help the earth. In Beth Peckham’s class, students were asked to make something creative out of recycled goods they had been collecting. They also designed posters with their favorite Earth Day tip and put it in their windows or doors, or somewhere that drivers or walkers passing by could see and learn from them. The class assignment was successful. “Several of the Earth Day Posters my students made hung their posters on a telephone pole at White Oak Shade near Brookside Road,” said Ms. Peckham. “I was out walking and saw them. It was wonderful to see.” (Pictured on right: South 2nd grader Margaux Dalipi).


In addition, at East Elementary School, third grade students experienced a virtual field trip to the New Canaan Nature Center hosted by Bill Flynn, the executive director of the center. Second grade science experiences included an Earth Day Scavenger Hunt, and the morning announcements included Earth Day embedded video resources for students and families.


Some of the many Earth Day activities at West Elementary School included having second graders read “The Earth Book”. Third graders were asked to think about one thing their families did to help the environment, or one thing they wanted to start doing to help the Earth. And Kindergarteners took a virtual field trip to a recycling center, read “Betsy's Kindergarten Adventures: Happy Earth Day” and were provided with optional craft projects to do at home.


Symbolizing the celebration of Earth Day, the many projects and activities that took place district-wide illustrate the dedication that New Canaan Public Schools K-12 students have for improving our global environment.