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Innovation Night 2018

April 4, 2018


Innovation Night will take place at New Canaan High School on Wednesday, April 4, form 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. Innovation Night is an ideal opportunity for students, grades 2 through 12, to share personal investigations into new and exciting areas of science, technology, engineering, and more. Students can combine their problem-solving skills with their personal passions to create innovative solutions to real-world challenges.


Innovation Night

"In the past, this event has been billed as a 'Tech Night,'" explained Matt Salvestrini, NCPS Director of Digital Learning. "This year, we are making a subtle but important shift. The evening will now be called 'Innovation Night,' rather than 'Tech Night.' The new name aligns more closely with some important shifts that we have made in our science and ICT curriculum, changes in national standards, and more accurately reflects the types of investigations that students are interested in sharing with others.


"We also felt that 'Innovation Night' focused more on the type of thinking we want students to engage in, rather than just the tools we want them to use," he added.   Innovation Night


Exhibitors will be presenting in the Wagner Room, NCHS cafeteria and in the main entrance hallway. The NCHS planetarium will also open for three showings of the night sky. Free tickets for the planetarium shows will be available. Admission to NCPS Innovation Night 2018 is free and open to everyone.