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Summer Enrichment Camps Are In

School’s out, but Summer Enrichment camps are in this summer.


For thCamps e past four weeks, children of all ages have been participating in New Canaan’s Summer Enrichment 2017 program sponsored by New Canaan Public Schools. Approximately 600 students have been taking part in fun and educational activities led primarily by district school teachers in over 40 camps ranging from making ceramic sculptures to piloting a flight simulator to designing and launching camps rockets. Students learned about astronomy, computer coding, photoshop, and lots of things in between. And, of course there were stops along the way at Harry Potter’s Hogwarts, a Pirate’s Camp, Lego Robotics, Camp Invention, Top Chef, the Land of the Fairies, Playful Puppetry, even a Future Babysitter's Club.

This year, Summer Enrichment programs took place at East Elementary School and New Canaan High School. The camp's course catalogue was divided into three overall categories: Arts Academy Camps, Language Arts Camps, and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) Camps.

“Clearly there is crossover beyond these three categories, but we felt that this was a nice, logical way to organize the catalog,” said Brett Gillan, Saxe Middle School teacher and co-director of the summer program. “Some students and/or families hopefully find the category they are most interested in and choose a camp. But the fact is, there is science in almost everything, technology used to create art and writing, and artistic expressions for the STEM and Language Arts components as well.”

Gillan directs the camps program with another NCPS faculty member, Darren Bruce, who teaches at South Elementary School. In fact, a majority of the faculty leading the camps is composed of NCPS teachers. “The staff comes from all five camps schools,” said Gillan. “A great component is when students get to take classes with teachers that they might have when they get to Saxe or to the HS, as well as taking classes with teachers they already know. It also offers them an opportunity to be taught by teachers they may not know from other schools.”

Gillan adds: “For parents to know that certified NCPS teachers are leading their child’s experience makes our program top notch. I really think it sets our program out and above so many other options. The camps are truly going to be educational experiences.”


Rest assured, students have a lot of fun along way. After all, it is summer.