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NCHS TEAMS “D” Team Leaps Ahead in Competition


Members of the NCHS TEAMS team



Photo left to right: Cameron Rhind, Faustino Cortina, Danny Fairchild, Jackson Butler,

Jackson Appelt, Jack O'Connor, Jake Grigsby missing from picture Griffin Hall

Forty-eight New Canaan High School students represented their school at the national Tests of Engineering Aptitude, Mathematics and Science (TSA/TEAMS) competition in March. TEAMS is a team competition. Each team is comprised of four to eight students who compete in Part 1 and Part 2. Part 1 was comprised of eighty multiple-choice questions and results were available on the day of the event. The Rams Varsity “A” placed 1st in their division while the Varsity “B” team placed 2nd in their division. Part 2 is scored and reported at a later date.


Part 2 required answers in short essay format and included a design and build competition related to this year’s theme “Engineering the Tools of Innovation.” Part 2 scores have now been received and there is an impressive change in the position of the NCHS “D” Team. Based upon scores from Part 1, “D” Team was initially ranked 7th in the state. The team performed extremely well on Part 2, receiving scores that propelled them into 2nd place in the Connecticut 11th/12th grade rankings.


Members of the NCHS “D” Team include team captain Cameron Rhind, Jackson Appelt, Jackson Butler, Cortina Faustino, Danny Fairchild, Jake Grigsby, Griffin Hall, and Jack O’Connor.

Photo credit: Paul Reid, NCHS AP physics teacher