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Contacting Board Members

The Board of Education relies on input from New Canaan citizens to help us make informed decisions about what is best for our school system. Letters and emails are always welcome, but please remember that all communications sent to Town boards and officials become part of the public record and are subject to legal requirements for disclosure and retention.

Parents who wish to express an opinion on an issue before the Board, but cannot attend a meeting, may write to the Chair in care of the Board of Education, 39 Locust Avenue, New Canaan, CT 06840. Communications will be distributed to all Board members. All Board members may be reached by email; their names and email addresses are listed on this site on the BOE Members page where an "email-to-all" option is also provided.

Since all communications are an important part of the public dialogue, we ask you to include your name and postal address. Emails should include a full message in the body, not just a summary in the subject line. Emails sent to or to an individual board member may be shared with all Board members, at the discretion of the recipient.

Thank you for participating in the Town's decision-making process.