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New Canaan High School Scholarship Foundation Celebrates 50th Anniversary

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New Canaan High School Scholarship Foundation Celebrates 50th Anniversary


The New Canaan High School Scholarship Foundation (NCSF) has implemented several new initiatives in hon­or of its 50th anniversary! In addition to the general scholarship fund, donors are now able to create Named Scholarships, funded annually or by endowment, established in honor of an individual, group, organization or business. These scholarships can be awarded in five categories: the Tassel Award is $500 per year for four years; the Cap & Gown Award is $1,000 per year for four years; the Diploma Award is $5,000 per year for four years; and the 50th Anniversary Scholarship is a one-time $10,000 award.


Our annual fundraiser will also see a major change this year. Instead of the annual NCHS Scholarship Drive, the New Canaan community will be invited to participate in the first-ever NC Color Run, to be held on April 29, 2017. It will be a fun-filled event open to all ages. We hope you can join us -- stay tuned for more informa­tion.


Lastly, donors to our 2016-17 Annual Appeal will be listed on NCSF’s new website ( in the following giving categories: $100-249 / $250-499 / $500-999 / $1,000-4,999 / $5,000 and over. You may also choose to give anonymously.


NCSF represents a broad-based community effort to provide financial aid to deserving NCHS graduates who are pursuing higher education at the undergraduate level. We rely on individuals, local businesses, nonprofits and foundations to ensure that every student in need will have the opportunity to receive financial aid from the Foundation.


As college tuitions continue to increase, there is a significant need for scholarship funding within New Canaan. The cost of education is accelerating and the needs of all applicants cannot be fully met. In 2016, NCSF received 58 applications. Of these, NCSF awarded 49 students, all who qualified for federal financial aid, approximately $1,470 each. It is imperative that we increase our fundraising in order to ensure that the NCSF can provide aid to every deserving applicant. At under $1,500 on average per student, we have the immediate need to increase the dollar amount of each scholarship and create an endowment fund, which will generate income year after year.


For more information, please visit our new website at


William Egan

Principal, New Canaan High School

Chairman, Executive Board, New Canaan High School Scholarship Fund


NCSF 2016
  Committee members from left front row, Jennifer Essigs, Kristen O’Connor, Renee Fill,  Joni Schafer,  Allison Mennitt,  Stephanie Kushner,  Sue Holland,  Sheri West, Mary Cody,  and Dionna Carlson. From left back row, William Egan, Principal, NCHS and Chairman, NCHS Scholarship Foundation, Steffi Loomis, and Elissa Mellinger.