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Welcome to West

Welcome to West School!


It’s a great year at West! This year, we continue our efforts to “Be Kind” by adding “It’s a Great Day at West!” We are encouraging faculty members, staff, students and parents to find new and innovative ways to make every day at West a great one. We are on track to make it a great year!


This year, we have built 20 minutes daily into our schedule for morning meeting. This designated time will be used to support our work around school climate.  We will be using the book The North Star by Peter H. Reynolds as our focus for our Learning Community goal.  The  book continues to build on the messages from previous books: What Does It Mean To Be Kind?,  Only One You, and The Dot.  Peter Reynolds showcases the power of creativity and lifelong learning through the journey of a young child (  Our PTC has generously donated a copy to every classroom teacher to support our work in this area. There are also additional copies ready to be loaned as well. It is our hope that this year we can take our students on a journey of self discovery and show them how to: “.... take a moment to slow down to a more thoughtful pace, to ponder, reflect, imagine and envision [to] take the time to believe in your dreams, to celebrate possibility (Reynolds). “


At West, we continue to pride ourselves with our Behavior Matrix - Be Ready, Be Respectful and Be Responsible. Our school-wide Learning Community focus is to build a strong learning community through leadership and citizenship.  This year our faculty study groups will continue to focus on  Self-Awareness and Self-Management which is taken from the district framework for Social, Academic and Personal Learning.  Adult study groups and small student groups will be exploring the concept of empathy and how it relates to self awareness. Our school psychologist, Dr. Siegel will be informing the faculty through his work with our students on their ability to conceptualize the meaning of kindness. This focus continues our work over the past two years with Dr. Bill Preble from the National School Climate Center.  


Our Whole School Student Learning Focus continues to build upon Webb’s Depth of Knowledge and this year we will be focusing on Tier One instruction in the classroom. Our specific focus will be on the “workshop model” and we will be exploring opportunities to make it more rigorous and relevant to students through the use of authentic learning tasks. Teachers will use faculty meetings to define and examine the workshop model and further develop instructional strategies that continue to enrich and strengthen their practice.  We continue to engage our students in meaningful learning tasks by providing  multiple opportunities for them to think and talk about their new learning. We have a faculty study group that is exploring the concept of Number Talks that includes the use of higher order thinking skills to solve complex problems. We continue to grow in our ability to use our rich curricular content areas to refine 21st century thinking skills.


Our West PTC works in direct partnership with our West school community to support student learning in a multitude of ways. They continually seek to create and maintain an active working relationship among parents, teachers, and the administration so that each may contribute effectively to the education and welfare of our children. Our PTC also keep parents informed of the programs and policies of the school in order to promote a continuing exchange of ideas and information. Our PTC members go to great lengths, in a tireless manner, to continually enhance and supplant the educational goals of our school. We are genuinely grateful to have such a strong supportive parent group here at West! They truly are the BEST!

Jan Murphy              Ashley Furnari

Principal            Assistant Principal