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A Message from our Principals


Every Child, Every Adult...

“Make it a Great Day at West”

It’s going to be another great year at West! As we continue our district-wide focus on Emotional Intelligence, the integration of our RULER concepts into our day-to-day interactions will be a focus for our school. We will revisit our Faculty Charter to renew our commitment to how we want to feel at West School and classroom teachers will be developing their own classroom charters to empower students to decide how they want to “feel” in their classroom. Classroom charters will be published in our West School Charter booklet as a resource for parents, students and faculty. Students will continue their work with the Mood Meter, and Strategy Walls to recognize and understand their emotions and the emotions of others. We look forward to adding two additional tools this year called the “Meta-Moment” and “Blueprint”.

Our student ambassador group “The Whalers” will focus on the four C’s of 21st century  learning: Critical Thinking, Creativity, Collaboration and Communication. Students will develop solutions to problems, think outside the box, work and talk with others and initiate projects that benefit others in our school. The group will continue to inspire us to Be Kind

Be the kid who can get along, 

Be the kid who does the RIGHT THING, 

Be the kid who is generous, 

Be the kid...Who is happy for other people. 

Be the NICE kid!  

Our Proud to Read Aloud Program will focus on one of our favorite authors, Peter Reynolds. His new book, “Say Something”, is a New York Times bestseller that focuses on the many ways a single voice can make a difference. Reynolds explores how each of us, each and every day, have the chance to say something with our actions, our words, and our voices. The world needs your voice. If you have a brilliant idea... say something! If you see an injustice... say something!” His book sends the message that every person is amazing and has something meaningful to contribute to the world. We will be sharing this with our families during the winter months. 

West School continues to take pride in the partnership we have forged with our Parent Teacher Council, the PTC. This year, their signature project is our new “Outdoor Learning Center”. Phase One includes is scheduled to begin this summer as an outdoor classroom designed to support 21st century learners. The space will provide students with an environment that promotes collaboration, digital literacy, critical thinking, and problem-solving. It is designed to be an extension of our indoor learning and will  provide a unique educational space that allows students to take intellectual risks, while at the same time fosters positive learning dispositions and habits of mind. A full committee of faculty members and parents spent the last year researching, planning and developing the project. We are excited it is becoming a reality!

Here’s to a Great Year! 

Jan and Ashley