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Board of Education and New Canaan Educators Association Reach Contract Agreement

Board of Education and New Canaan Educators Association Reach Contract Agreement

New Canaan Public Schools

The New Canaan Board of Education (NCBOE) and the New Canaan Education Association (NCEA) reached agreement on a new three-year contract (2019-2022). On October 8, 2018, both the NCEA and the NCBOE approved the changes to the contract that were agreed upon by both negotiating teams in a mediated negotiations session the week prior.


The tentative agreement was reached between the NCBOE and the NCEA in mediation on September 27, 2018, following several previous negotiations sessions. Now that the tentative agreements have been accepted by both parties, the updated contract will be filed with the town in the upcoming weeks for discussion and review.


The teachers’ salary structure is based on a years-of-service, (or credit-for-service) step structure. Each year, teachers step up one salary level, realizing a pay increase related to increased experience and years of service.


The agreement features no general wage increases (GWI) across the step structure for the next three years, with the exception of teachers reaching the top step, who will receive increases of 1.5% (2019-2020), 1.5% (2020-2021), and 1.25% (2021-2022). To further control costs, both the NCBOE and the NCEA agreed to insert one additional step to the salary grid, which will increase the amount of time it takes a teacher to reach the top step by one year, thereby helping to reduce costs. Along with salary and some language changes, modifications to the teachers’ health care plan include an increase of teachers’ contributions towards premium costs in the third year of the contract, and an increase to the deductible amount of their High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP).


“In teacher contracts, it is not uncommon to provide a general wage increase along with step movement, which can place additional financial burdens on the towns,” said Superintendent of Schools Dr. Bryan Luizzi. “This agreement, which does not have GWI but does provide step movement, is reflective of the productive and respectful relationship between the NCBOE and the NCEA. It successfully balances fiscal prudence with the realities of the educational environment, and provides a sustainable path for the New Canaan Public Schools to maintain the highest standards of excellence on behalf of all stakeholders.


“In reaching this agreement, both sides understood the importance of recognizing the significant fiscal pressures on New Canaan and across Connecticut while ensuring the district continues to attract, hire, and retain world-class educators and staff on behalf of our students, their parents, and the entire community,” said Dr. Luizzi.