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South's String Stars Shine Bright in Year-end Recitals

Mozarts in the Making

South Strings


South Elementary School holds its annual Strings Concert 
featuring recitals by third and fourth-grade orchestras.


 South Strings

An enthusiastic audience consisting of parents, teachers and fellow students enjoyed a varied program at South Elementary School's annual Strings Concert on May 24. The young student ensembles performed on the violin, viola, and cello in two separate concerts. Conducting them was strings teacher, Carole Walker, who runs the school’s two-year Strings program.


The third-grade students performed songs such as “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” and “Ode to Joy.”


Ms. Walker described how this first year of the program consists of learning many basic skills. “Students work on posture, such as holding their instrument and bow correctly, and playing the fingered notes on the D and A strings. They also work on reading music, both pitches and rhythm, and playing together as a group,” she said.

 South Strings

Fourth-grade students played songs such as “The Wizard of Oz,” “Happy Blues,” and “Entry of the Tumblrs.”


They demonstrated skills developed in the second year of the program such as playing the notes on the G, C and E strings and learning more complex rhythms.


Throughout fourth grade, in addition to a weekly small group lesson, students meet as an entire orchestra on Mondays after school for an hour to rehearse.


South Strings


Ms. Walker emphasized the important benefits fourth graders receive from this additional hour. “It gives them a wonderful opportunity to really progress as evidenced by the complex four-part pieces they play at the Spring and Waveny Care concerts,” she said.





Story, feature photograph and top photograph by Abigail Weiss, NCHS Senior.