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Colonial Day takes Saxe students back in time

Colonial music On Friday, April 21, 2017, the Fifth Connecticut Regiment relived the 1700’s for New Canaan Public School fifth graders at the annual “Colonial Day” event held at Saxe Middle School. The regiment, along with Patricia Oxman (New Canaan Historical Society) and Barbara Wills (parent volunteer), shared their expertise of the American Colonial time period for the schools’ entire fifth grade class in a way that made history come alive before their eyes.
Colonial surgeon
Throughout the day, students rotated through a total of eleven stations covering a wide variety of topics from colonial times, such as: music, weapons, women and children's lives, crown soldier, spies, surgeon, and even wool processing in the colonies. The information shared with students is directly aligned with NCPS curriculum, and as a result students are able to take their classroom studies to the next level by seeing, hearing, or even touching the things that they have been learning about this year. 
Colonial march
The day culminated with a special treat as the students watched the regiment march in formation and fire their muskets. The cheering and excitement was compounded with the revelation that one of the presenters had actually been posing a spy throughout the day. The students, who spent the day trying to determine the spy's identity, were shocked when the spy was revealed and taken into custody by the local constable, who just happened to be our very own NCPD officer Jeffrey Deak. Without a doubt, this was an experience that our fifth graders are sure to remember for a long time!
The Fifth Connecticut Regiment are historians who generously donate their time and expertise, volunteering for this event and others throughout the year. Visit:, for information.