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Emotional Intelligence at South

New Initiative Designed to Improve Performance, Relationships, and Well-being


In November of 2016, Marc Brackett, Ph.D., the Director of Emotional Intelligence at Yale University came to speak to the NCPS faculty and parents. Dr. Brackett’s presentation focused on the importance of teaching students the basic skills of Emotional Intelligence - the ability to Recognize, Understand, Label, Express and Regulate (RULER) emotion. Dr. Brackett explained that there is substantial research behind the importance of Emotional Intelligence - including the fact that having higher E.I. leads to better attention, learning, performance, decision making, more positive relationships and better health and well-being.


This year, the district has begun our implementation of the Emotional Intelligence program in our K-8 schools. The South School Emotional Intelligence Implementation Team has begun to teach the faculty and staff the Emotional Intelligence “Anchor Tools.” For example, the staff were introduced to the “Mood Meter” which is used to increase awareness and management of emotions.


EI_South One of the strong advantages of the Emotional Intelligence initiative is that it starts with the teachers - giving them skills to manage emotions, and ultimately, to improve relationships with students. Later, students will begin to learn the skills, and Yale also offers resources for parents, in order to teach them the skills for use at home.


We are all very excited about this opportunity to improve the well-being, relationships and performance of all of the members of our South community through raising our collective Emotional Intelligence.