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Parent Letter - Alice Training

Dear Saxe Family,

The New Canaan Public Schools is committed to ensuring the safety of our students, staff and all members of our school communities. Our District Crisis Advisory Board (CAB) is a 25-member board that meets monthly to discuss best practices related to school safety. This board is comprised of Central Office staff, building administrators, first responders including police, fire and EMS, NC Emergency Management Director and other district staff who have important roles in school safety. We continually review and improve upon our safety procedures based upon the input from members of CAB, experts in the field of school safety, and attending workshops and seminars related to this field.

Over the past two summers, our building principals, assistant principals, members of our Crisis Advisory Board and several New Canaan first responders have attended training sessions to learn about options for our lockdown drills. As we always do, we carefully considered this new information and debriefed with our Crisis Advisory Board and administrators and evaluated it against our current practices. As a result, we will be enhancing our lockdown procedures to empower individuals through proactive response options in crisis situations. These options include evacuation, barricading and countering and were learned through our participation in the ALICE Training Institute ( All district staff are being trained in these options, however, we realize not all options are developmentally appropriate to share with young children.

At the middle school, we practice evacuation regularly through fire drills and blocking exits during evacuation drills. We will reinforce with students that in some emergency situations, it is best to leave the building. Alternate ways to evacuate the building will be practiced through our regular drills. All drills will be announced beforehand to staff and students so that everyone is aware that we are practicing our safety procedures.


Additional information about our lockdown options was shared with our Board of Education during the meeting on December 3. The powerpoint of this presentation can be viewed at this link and a recording of the BOE presentation can be viewed on the district website at this link.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact one of our building administrators.




David Gusitsch, Principal                               
Steven Bedard,  Assistant Principal, Crisis Advisory Board Co-Chair                                   
Joanne Rocco,  Crisis Advisory Board Co-Chair