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School Climate Update

School Climate Update

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School climate can be defined as the quality and character of school life. School climate reflects the norms, goals, values, interpersonal relationships, teaching/learning practices, and organizational structures of the school.  Saxe has had a school goal this year of improving respectful relationships throughout the building. Below are a number of school climate initiatives that have been put into place this year in order to meet our goal.  


Emotional Intelligence


In November of 2017, Marc Brackett, Ph.D., the Director of Emotional Intelligence at Yale University came to speak to the NCPS faculty and parents.  Dr. Brackett’s presentation focused on the importance of teaching students the basic skills of Emotional Intelligence- the ability to Recognize, Understand, Label, Express and Regulate (RULER) emotion.  Throughout the year the teachers and staff are learning more about the RULER approach and the ways that emotional intelligence positively affects performance, decision making, relationships and well-being.    


Student Leadership/Improvement Teams and Adult Design Teams


In addition to our Emotional Intelligence Work, Saxe continues to have Student Leadership Teams that operate at each grade level to improve our school climate.  Research has demonstrated the importance of student voice in school climate improvement.  To address the goal of improving respectful relationships throughout the school- students have worked on a number of initiatives- here are just a few …  


  • 6th graders completed a “Kindness” Bulletin board outside of the guidance office.
  • 7th grade had lunches with teachers to discuss and exchange ideas about student and teacher concerns.  
  • 8th grade is currently working on “tips” for students and teachers to help them to have positive and successful relationships at school
  • Teacher Appreciation planning
  • Transition planning (students moving from one grade to the next)
  • 14 days of Kindness at Saxe which ran from January 26- February 14 in which students were encouraged to engage in one new kind act a day.  
  • Teachers are also involved in school climate work through the “Adult Design Team” and provide feedback about areas for improvement in school climate.   
  • Teachers and students will meet together at a “School Climate Summit” later in the year to plan improvement action steps for next year.   

Kindness Board


School Climate Survey- April  2018


As you know, we are committed to making our schools safe, welcoming and engaging places for our students to learn.  Your feedback about our schools is essential to our continued ability to provide the best possible educational experience for your children.  With this in mind- we are asking if you would take the time to complete our School Climate Survey. This survey asks about many aspects of your experience at our schools including School Safety, Personalized Learning, and Respectful Relationships.  The voluntary survey is state mandated, and your feedback is used to directly help us to target areas for continual quality improvement. The parent survey will be open until Tuesday, April 24 and the link was emailed to all Saxe Parents this week.