Safety in Our Schools


    The safety of our students and everyone in our school community is a top priority. Our ongoing work is tied directly to New Canaan Public Schools 2015-2016 District Goal 4, Objective 2: “Continue to analyze and update safety and security plans and practices. (a) Together with the Town Public Safety Committee, prepare and implement action plans, training initiatives, follow-up reports and resource requests, (b) implement, as appropriate, recommendations from expert safety and security reviews and audits, and (c) continue to review, analyze, and accordingly update policies, protocols, and practices associated with safety and security.”

    Monthly meetings of the District Crisis Advisory Board (CAB) offer district administrators, directors, managers, and supervisors the opportunity to confer with members of town agencies, including the fire and police departments, Office of Emergency Management and New Canaan Volunteer Ambulance Corps. School-based safety and security teams composed of administrators, teachers, secretaries, custodians, mental health staff, nurses, parents, campus monitors/SROs, and first responders also meet monthly to plan, debrief and train.

    How do we educate students?
    • Assemblies about stranger danger, fire safety and general safety
    • Presentations on electrical safety
    • Practice drills as if they are real situations: fire, evacuation, bus and lockdown drills
    • Variables are introduced into our drills – we practice in a variety of situations
    • One drill per month
    • A minimum of three lockdown drills
    • First responders observe our drills and debrief with us

    What is a full lockdown?
    A full lockdown takes place when a problem occurs inside the school
    • Building entry or exit is not allowed
    • All school interior doors are locked
    • Hallways are vacated
    • Students and staff are confined to their classrooms
    • Regular classroom instruction is interrupted

    What is a modified lockdown?
    A modified lockdown takes place when a problem occurs outside the school
    • All exterior doors are locked
    • No one is allowed in or out of the building
    • Regular classroom instruction continues

    How will I know if a school is in lockdown?
    • The main entrance will be locked
    • If possible, a sign will be posted on the front door
    • The emergency notification system will be activated as swiftly as possible

    What is evacuation?
    A school may be evacuated for reasons such as smoke, fire, structural damage, bomb threat, hazardous materials, power outage, etc. Each school has procedures for partial or complete evacuation, including a designated safe evacuation location.

    What is reunification?
    During an extreme emergency, students will be released at designated reunification locations on the school campus or elsewhere if necessary. Should this read: During an extreme emergency, students will move as a group to a designated reunification location on the school campus or elsewhere if necessary.

    If an evacuation and reunification is called please do not:
    • Come to the school
    • Call 911
    • Call the school

    What can a parent do during and emergency situation?
    • Listen for a phone communication from the district
    • Check e-mail, text messages and the district website ( for regular updates

    How can parents prepare their children for an emergency situation?
    • Keep all contact information updated in Power School
    • Talk with your children about safety at school and the importance of following instructions in the event of an emergency

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