• New Canaan Public Schools Facilities Update Presented to BOE


    New Canaan, CT (September 17, 2018). At this evening’s Board of Education meeting, held in the Wagner Room of New Canaan High School, the New Canaan Public Schools’ Facilities Department presented a comprehensive report updating all current maintenance and capital projects taking place district-wide.

    Daniel Clarke, Facilities Manager, and John Perna, Assistant Facilities Manager, detailed the 31 planned and 21 completed projects funded by the BOE’s 2018-2019 operating budget. Mr. Clarke detailed the carryover projects from prior Capital Budget years (13 projects: 4 completed, 6 in progress, and 3 pending).

    The current year’s Capital Budget projects total 19, with 8 completed, 10 in progress and one pending. One of the district’s many key improvements within its facilities projects updates was the refurbishment of the gym floor at New Canaan High School.

    “This is certainly a project that we knew would be one of the most impactful,” said Mr. Clarke, “because of its importance in the school and the community and the fact that it has to serve for years to come.” The project involved resurfacing 16,000 square feet of hard wood in a time-frame that would fit between the end of the district’s Summer Enrichment program in late July to the beginning of the school year in late August.

    “The entire project took three weeks to be completed,” said Mr. Clarke in an interview. “The work included sanding the original wood, making any repairs, painting, then adding multiple coats of a water-based finish and insuring that all the layers bonded.”

    The floor painting included adding a modernize logo, coloring in the basketball court keys, and improving the overall effect of the court, which is used for both girls and boys basketball and volleyball, as well as Parks and Rec clubs, youth leagues, and camps throughout the year.

    “We built all the factors into our timetable, like making sure we conditioned the gym space, allowing the product to adhere and the paint to dry,” said Mr. Clarke. “And the project was completed on time.”

    Mr. Perna discussed several Energy Conservation Projects, that includes updating the energy management system and working with the Town on alternative energy, with one proposed project that would make schoolroofs solar ready.

    “These projects open up the door to more savings and more incentive money,” said Mr. Perna.