• NCHS Downtown Campus - Welcome!

  • Dear Parent:

    Welcome to the Downtown Campus at New Canaan High School.

    This alternative program is a place for learning, for fun, and above all for academic growth and exploration.  We believe in each individual’s potential and are here to make the learning experience meaningful and successful.

    Being in a unique environment allows us to tap into each student’s learning style and build relationships, so that we can foster academic achievement and development.  Students in our program will be a part of a great academic culture, while maintaining credits in a manner that empowers success and allows consideration to their specific needs.  

    The information available on this website will provide you with more details of the program that may be of interest.  You can also refer to the main High School page for more universal information such as the school calendar and events.  

    Please do not hesitate to reach out to me should you have any questions and feedback.  We look forward to a great and collaborative year ahead.


    Andrea MacGilpin,LCSW

    Clinical Director

Downtown Campus 2018