• Dear Colleagues,

    I am pleased to announce that we have begun a new district-wide wellness initiative. With a focus on all aspects of “wellbeing,” this exciting new program is being designed to inform, inspire, and support each of us in our efforts to “Be Well” in all aspects of our lives.   

    The program’s goal is to nurture and support a positive environment for all members of our school community, with health and wellbeing as the central mission.  To lead and guide this work, we have established a district-wide wellness committee, with a focus on identifying interests, developing, implementing, and refining programs, and facilitating discussions about these efforts to ensure that everyone can engage in all that these new programs have to offer.  Since there are some truly excellent programs already happening in our schools, committee members will be helpful in communicating, sustaining, and growing these efforts as well.

    As a first step, we would like to discover directly from you what you’d like to see in the program.  At this LINK is a very short (2-3 minutes max) survey that we are asking you to complete by Friday, 12/22.  Your anonymous participation will help the committee develop a full picture of how we can best serve you, your interests, and your needs in 2018 and beyond. 

    To help us engage in this dialogue together, the committee has established a new email address, BeWell@ncps-k12.org to use for communication, and we have created a Twitter handle, @BeWellNCPS, which we hope you will follow.  Additionally, when you “tweet” items of interest related to health/wellness, please consider “tweeting” @BeWellNCPS, and/or using the hashtag #BeWellNCPS to help us get the dialogue going district-wide. 

    I am very proud of all that we do for our students every day, and it is a pleasure and a joy to begin this wellness initiative on everyone’s behalf.  This program is intended to serve all of us by helping improve our overall health and wellbeing, and as programs are developed please feel free to share your suggestions and feedback with the committee. 

    I look forward to the great things we’ll do together in pursuit of health and wellness!

    Be well!


    Bryan D. Luizzi, Ed. D.
    Superintendent, New Canaan Public Schools

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