Career and Technical Education

  • Career & Technical Education (CTE) courses bring learning to life. Students will have opportunities for hands-on, project-based connections between their classes and reality. It’s where students have that “A-ha” moment. “Oh, that’s where I’ll use that.” Whether it be in a Food and Nutrition class learning about crystallization, applying code to solve a math equation, or just learning about torque when changing a tire, CTE brings learning to life. Through CTE courses students develop skills in communication, organization, leadership, and problem solving while gaining experience in a variety of career pathways. Career and Technical Education (CTE) offers students the opportunity to develop critical skills through a combination of classes and authentic learning experiences, which allow them to apply academics to real-world problems. The CTE Department offers courses in four areas of study: Business & STEM Education, Family and Consumer Sciences, and Technology Education.

    As teachers, we believe all students can excel and we are dedicated to showing our students they can also have fun as they learn!