• The Digital Learning and DTS Teams have worked to develop a procedure to review and process requests for digital resources that can be used to support teaching and learning. “Digital Resources” includes apps, websites, software or any web-based subscriptions. 

    Our goal is to support rigorous and creative teaching and learning through the use of technology in a responsible and timely manner, while also ensuring the safety and privacy of our learning community. In order to do this, we recognize that we need a process where these digital resources can be reviewed by staff.  

    Here is an overview of the process outlined further on the Review Process page:

    1. If you are interested in an app, web resource or software subscription, the first thing that you will do is check and see if it is on a list of software already purchased by the district. This list is found on the Reviewed Resources page. You will need this information to complete your request for review. 
    2. After referencing the list, fill out the NCPS Digital Resource Request Form found on the Digital Resources Request Form page. 
    3. Next, the process will follow one of two courses:
      1. Pre-approved Digital Resources: Will be deployed to the device within five school days.
      2. New Digital Resources:  Will be evaluated by the Curriculum Coordinator/Department Chair, requesting teacher and building-based Technology Integrator (TI) in a collaborative effort to ensure curriculum alignment, student privacy and instructional rigor. For this purpose, the TI and teacher will be given a trial of the digital resource, when possible.
        • If the digital resource is approved, the digital resource will be deployed to the requested device(s). Our goal is to complete this process within ten school days
        • Please note: If the provider's privacy policy requires a more thorough review this process may take longer to complete.