• Are you ready for the HYPE? It’s time to TYPE!

    Type Hype


    Monthly challenges coming soon!

  • Welcome to Type Hype!

    Type Hype! is an extracurricular program designed to educate and train elementary students on the importance of using computer keyboards correctly and efficiently. This voluntary program, open to all students, is an extension of the school curriculum.

    The Type Hype! program goals by grade level are as follows:

    Kindergarten:    Learn the location of letters/numbers.

    Grade 1:           Learn to use two hands to type.

    Grade 2:           Learn the home row with all 10 fingers.

    Grade 3:           Learn to use the home row while typing.

    Grade 4:           Practice fast, accurate typing.


    Type Hype! “Keyboard” (Bulletin Board)

    The Type Hype! class minutes will be posted monthly on the Type Hype! “Keyboard” (bulletin board) near the library. Children’s individual progress will be included in their class total on the Type Hype! “Keyboard”. At the end of May, class totals will be tallied for a final result. The class with the most number of total typing minutes will earn a class prize.


    The Type Hype! program is a joint collaboration between the South School Computer Lab and the South School PTC. We welcome all questions and suggestions. Please contact us at:  beth.m.stimpson@gmail.com  cristen.cottrell@gmail.com

    South PTC

  • How Does The Program Work?

    To participate in Type Hype!, students must practice their keyboarding skills and log the minutes they spend typing on any kind of keyboard (laptop, PC or tablet). The Type Hype! tracking sheet will be used to keep track of minutes.

    There are many keyboarding options available to students in order to complete their minutes.

    All grades can:

    1. Use these links to fun keyboarding websites. 
    2. Use typing homework to count towards your minutes.
    3. Type up a shopping list, a story or any other ideas you may have.

    Grades 3 and 4 may also use Edutyping , their formal Keyboarding program used at school.

    Use the Type Hype! tracking sheet to keep track of minutes spent typing. Color in one Type Hype! keyboard letter upon completion of the goal minutes set for each grade. A Pawsome reward will be given at the completion of the entire keyboard, and certificates of typing excellence will be presented at the end of the year. 

    Kindergarten:   5 minutes = 1 letter

    Grade 1:          10 minutes = 1 letter

    Grade 2:          15 minutes = 1 letter

    Grade 3:          20 minutes = 1 letter

    Grade 4:          25 minutes = 1 letter

    All grades:       Monthly challenge = 1 letter

    When your tracking sheet is complete, please have a parent sign the sheet and deposit in the Type Hype! box in the South School office.