• NCHS Science Department: Mr. Jeffrey Brentson
  • Dear Parents/Guardian,

    Welcome to my Chemistry and Honors Chemistry pages.  I look forward to an exciting year exploring these exciting topics.   I just ask for inquisitive minds and a good work ethic and this year will be a great one!

    If there are every any questions you have about the subject, extra help or anything at all please feel free to contact me. 


    Jeffrey Brentson, NCHS Science Department Teacher 

Mr. Jeffrey Brentson
  • Room: 304
    Courses Taught:
    • Chemistry (With Lab) 
      • Period 2 (3 (D,H))
      • Period 4 (1 (B,F))
    • Honors Chemistry (With Lab) 
      • Period 5 (6 (A,E))
      • Period 7 (8 (D,H))
    Office Hours: 
    • By appointment