Password Management at NCPS

  • Introducing Password Manager

    New Canaan Public Schools is committed to providing robust, secure tools for academic and administrative use in the district.  Beginning in July 2015, all staff will be required to enroll in Password Manager, a tool designed to make it easer to manage your network password.  Password Manager offers the following benefits:

    • Password sync with Google - email, apps, calendars etc.  One password for both network and Google tools
    • Ability to set and reset password from anywhere there is Internet
    • Double layered security for your password - challenge questions and password complexity rules

    What do I need to do?

    When you receive your Password Manager email, it had instructions that brought you to this page.  Click on the link below to visit the Password Manager website and begin your enrollment process.

     Visit the RamsLock Password Manager

    Enter your present NCPS network login credentials (Username = first.last; Password = your present password)

    Choose to Enroll in the system - create challenge questions and answers

    Choose to change your password if you like or wait for the next password cycle to do so

    Visit our Zendesk portal for helpful articles and tutorials on the RamsLock Password Manager system

     ***NOTE - When using Password Manager in the future to change your password - be sure to LOG OUT of any Google pages or tools (email, drive etc).****