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    Emotional Intelligence Initiative


    In New Canaan, we are committed to focusing on educating the “whole child” and increasing the overall wellness of our faculty and students. As one aspect of this work, we have embarked on raising the Emotional Intelligence (EI) of students and staff throughout our school community.  

    In 2017, we partnered with the Yale University Center for Emotional Intelligence to begin our initiative. Dr. Marc Brackett, Ph.D., the Director of Emotional Intelligence at Yale University came to speak to the community and emphasized the importance of teaching students the basic skills of Emotional Intelligence.


     Dr. Marc Brackett

    Dr. Marc Brackett 


    Dr. Brackettt explained that there is substantial research that supports the fact that higher EI leads to better attention, learning, performance, decision making, more positive relationships and better health and well-being. 

    The skills of Emotional Intelligence include the ability to Recognize, Understand, Label, Express and Regulate emotion. The skills make up the acronym of RULER- the name of the Yale University approach to improving EI.

    We invite you to explore this site to learn more about the various aspects of school climate, such as the CHARTER, the MOOD METER, and META-MOMENT. Links to informative videos and presentations are also included. Current updates will also be posted on a regular basis.

    We are all very excited about this opportunity to continue to improve the well-being and performance of all of the members of our NCPS community through raising our collective Emotional Intelligence.