Who to Call?

  • Do you have questions about your child’s program or the curriculum?

    Our success as a school district is due in many ways to its infrastructure of expert instructional leaders. These leaders oversee:

    • ongoing updating of curriculum
    • the development and refinement of instructional practices
    • the design, implementation and analysis of assessments
    • the facilitation of ongoing professional learning through modeling, coaching, training and supervision.


Contact Directory:

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  • Pupil and Family Services:

  • NCHS Curriculum Leadership:

  • Principals and Assistant Principals:

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  • If you have a question, this quick guide will help you decide who to contact. Unless a direct line is listed, please call the school's main office.

    Classroom Teachers Classroom teachers are in the best position to provide information about your child, whether academic or behavioral. If you have a question, compliment or concern, please begin by speaking directly to the classroom teacher.

    Counselors Particularly during the middle and high school years, when each child has multiple classroom teachers, a counselor is the staff member responsible for helping to establish and facilitate connections. Counselors work closely with students, families and teachers to support planning, program development, monitoring of progress, adjustment and placement processes.

    School Nurse Any questions of a medical nature about your child should be directed to your school nurse. Click for school nurse contact information.

    NCHS Athletics If you are a high school parent and the question is about the athletic program, please call the NCHS Athletic Director’s office 594-4639.