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New Canaan Public School Nurses
  • Dear Parents/Guardian,

    Welcome to New Canaan Public Schools Health Services, The Nurse's Office. We provide each school with registered nurses who have expertise in school health and pediatric care. State of Connecticut mandated screenings, immunization compliance and mandated physical examinations are managed and documented by your school's nurses.

    We ask parents/guardians to notify their school nurse if their child has any medical problems, e.g. allergies, experiencing a stressful situation, chronic illness, vision or hearing difficulties, recent surgery etc. The school nurse will work with the child’s physician, parent and other school personnel to meet special health needs in school so that the child may benefit from his/her educational program.

    All medications are administered by the school nurse during school hours. Only FDA-approved medications are administered. Metered-dose inhalers, insulin pumps and Epi-pens for upper level students may be self-administered with appropriate completed forms. District policy does not permit students to self-administer OTC or prescribed medications during school. Documentation from the child’s physician and parent/guardian signature is required by State of Connecticut School Health Laws for all medications given during school hours. Medication forms are available here on the website, in the The Nurse’s Office section.


    Janet Reed, R.N. NCPS Nursing Supervisor


The Nurse’s Office logo is a butterfly drawing surrounded by words “Healthy children learn better. School nurses make it happ
  • Our School Nurses:


    District Nursing Supervisor
    Janet Reed RN | 203.594.4676

    East School
    Elizabeth Buckner RN | 203.594.4217
    fax: 203.594.4205

    West School
    Jozie Bell RN | 203.594.4415
    fax: 203-594-4404

    South School
    Kathy O'Malley Bishop RN | 203.594.4315
    fax: 203.972.4478

    Saxe Middle School Grades 5 & 6
    Joelle Graham RN | 203.594.4526
    LD Nurse Fax: 203-594-4505

    Saxe Middle School Grades 7 & 8
    Sara Paine RN | 203.594.4573 (Upper Division)
    Amy Albright RN
    Upper Division Nurse Fax: 203.594.4506

    New Canaan High School
    Karina Giangos RN | 203.594.4644
    Betsy Imbrogno RN | 203.594.4643
    Janet Reed RN | 203.594.4676
    NCHS fax: 203.594.4709

    Launch Program
    Julianna Sellers LPN