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    Resources for Students

    Students will find lesson information, technology 'How To" tips and schedule resources on the link above.


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    Resources for Parents

    Click on the link to navigate to some helpful parent information on how to support your child during this eLearning experience. 


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    Resources for Staff

    Click on the heading above to navigate to a "How To" page of digital resources for instruction.

  • E-Learning@NCPS

    yyy New Canaan Public Schools provides an exceptional educational experience with the goal of preparing our students to be creative, productive members of a global community.  We are committed to this mission, even in the most challenging of circumstances.  In such circumstances, such as an extended closing, New Canaan Public Schools will provide engaging, valuable instruction through the use of the wide variety of digital resources we have avialable.  This "ELearning" experience, is decribed as the experience students will have if school remains in session, but students are unable to physically attend school due to campus closure. 

    ELearning, or "electronic learning" is the delivery of learning through digital means, such as web-based resources, learning management systems like Google Classroom and Schoology, and district authorized software.  While ELearning cannot replace onsite, in-person learning it does provide students an opportunity to engage in meaningful learning that meets standards in an online environment.

    Below you can find information and links to ELearing resources for students, parents, and staff.