• The Nurse's Office
    NCPS Health-Specific Forms, Policies, Protocols and Packets
    This is where you will find injury/illness specific health packets and forms
    • Forms to be submitted to your school nurse must be filled in by a parent or guardian.
    • When required, make sure the form has been completed by a physician prior to submitting the hard copy to your school nurse.
    Storage and Administration of Epinephrine at Public Schools
    Public Act 14-176 ( An Act concerning the Storage and Administration of epinephrine at Public Schools) amended the law to require the administration of epinephrine as emergency first aid to students experiencing allergic reactions, even if the student does not have parental authorization or the order of a qualified medical professional. Only in the absence of the school nurse, the administration of epinephrine may be done by qualified school personnel who have completed the required annual training.

    Please notify the school nurse in writing annually if you do not wish your child to receive epinephrine as emergency first aid by qualified school personnel in the absence of a school nurse.
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