Degrees and Certifications:

Who is Mrs. Harrington?

My timeline: born in Connecticut - middle school in Missouri - back to Connecticut for high school - college at Castleton State in Vermont - a couple of months traveling & visting family in New Zealand - masters program at Southern Connecticut State University - 24 years teaching in 6th and 5th grade (math, science and social studies) at Saxe Middle School while  - 11 years coaching the New Canaan High School Girls Soccer team.
My life & interests: I am married and have two young children. I love swimming (anywhere but especially the beach!), music & dancing (my daughter and I sing in the church choir and my husband and I met country line dancing!), traveling, reading, cross-stitching & knitting (when I can find the time!) and sports (soccer, tennis, basketball - you name it!).
  • Several years ago, the language arts students on my team were given an assignment to write a poem about themselves. Definitely not a writer, I thought I'd challenge myself right along with them.


    I AM

    I am a teacher of children
    I wonder what I was like in middle school
    I hear the tap tap of pencils during a test
    I see thirty curious faces in front of me
    I want to contribute to their futures
    I am a teacher of children

    I watch them learn and grow
    I see them change from day to day
    I hope that I can help them in some way
    I teach them to learn
    I help them to laugh
    I am a teacher of children

    I try to understand why they act the way they do
    I feel the frustrations of my students
    I cry when a child cries
    I celebrate their achievements
    I hope that they will do well in life
    I am a teacher of children

    I understand that they don’t like homework
    I say “Practice makes perfect!”
    I dream about having successful students
    I try to enable them to be just that
    I hope to make a difference
    I am a teacher of children

    Mrs. Harrington