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Mrs. Barnum's Science Connection

Welcome to 6th Grade Science!

Welcome to an exciting year!  Are you ready to think like scientists? Are you ready to explore interesting topics like energy, changing earth; landforms, ecosystems, and simple machines? All the units I teach combine various approaches and literacy strategies that strengthen learning and higher-order thinking skills. Coming attractions include investigations, in-class application projects,laboratory exercises, reading lots of non-fiction science literature, team explorations in centers and the saxe community, analyzing and reflecting in our notebooks, classroom discussions, and independent research. Students will learn how to observe and question their environment, and other well-known theories about the world and their communinity at large. Students will use their scientific process skills to guide these investigations. Below is a more detailed description of the curriculum and goals for our year together. 


Overarching theme of Study :  Energy

 Life Science:  The flow of enargy throughout Ecosystems  

Students will investigate the complex interactions, and delicate balance, between living organisms and their physical surroundings.  They will learn about energy transfer through food chains and webs. Also, they will better understand mankind's impact, and their own, on the environment .



  Earth Science:  Landforms; Constructive and Destructive forces of energy

Students will discover how external and internal sources of energy affect changes on Earth. They'll investigate how landforms are the result of interactive and destuctive forces over time. In addition they'll explore the processes which occur during volcanic activity, glaciation, weathering and erosion, and how this activity changes the Earth's surface by moving earth materials from place to place.


Physical Science:  Simple Machines and Work; calculating energy

Students will explore how simple machines such as inclined planes, pulleys, and levers are used to create mechanical advantage. They will understand the relationship W = F x d to calculate work done when lifting objects.
Skills :

  Students will:

•·   collect and analyze data

•·   draw conclusions and justifying their claims using reasoning and evidence

•·   create and label diagrams  

•·   summarize and reflect on current event articles  

•·   learn strategies for test preparation  

•·   read and take notes from various resources  

•·   work independently and with peers  

•·   present information in oral and written forms



Students will know well in advance the test and quiz dates. I generally review material in class the day before and allow study time the evening prior to the assessment. All the material documented in their science notebook during class time should be their focus of study, along with text, literature and video clips acovered.

Students will also learn how to approach a textbook chapter and pull out the important information.  Expository reading needs to be purposeful and focused. They will learn to pay attention to titles, subtitles and highlighted vocabulary.

Students will learn study strategies during class time prior to a test when information is reviewed.  If needed, extra help during school can be arranged. Students have been told that I'm available during lunch/recess, except the days that I have duties. Workshop time is another opportunity for extra help, if the child isn't pulled from class. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns. 

The year ahead promises to be filled with excitement and wonder, as students learn to view the world as young scientists. 


Bill Watterson

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